Holiday Lights, Presence & Tension Release!


As we cross the cold and darkness of winter, we are surrounded by lights everywhere. Simply being present to them is always beautiful and heartwarming. As I am surrounded by this palpable energy of the season, I can let go of any mental activity, and instead, I enjoy the warmth of the lights, smile, and breathe in gratefulness!

It is my wish for you to also allow the lights of the holiday season to be a reminder and an opportunity to stop your monkey mind chatter and enjoy the present moment. Notice how it helps your body’s ability to let go of unnecessary muscle tension. Notice how you can fully connect with the body of the earth and experience its reliable support.

This ability to surrender to the earth through your whole-body intelligence is natural for everyone although it may be covered up by habits of body and mind. Make a point to explore, discover and unlearn such habits so you can experience the lightness of being, one moment at a time whether you are on or off the yoga mat!

Reclaiming this ability is the foundation for optimal safety and performance through any daily activity, especially your yoga practice. If you want more of this for 2018, check my website and various offerings (including free mini-classes).


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