Do you make resolutions around this time every year? Or do you do them ongoingly throughout the year? Do you stick with them or do you find it challenging? Below are a few tips to help.

Many of us make resolutions for the new year. We all want health, prosperity, joy, and love. However, how body, mind, and soul are connected and functioning harmoniously together does affect, not only your yoga practice but how successful you are in manifesting your new years’ resolutions.

Why is that? One way to get mind, body, and soul to work together is to let all your body parts also work together as the integrated and coordinated whole that you are. Following the guidance of your whole-body intelligence is the best way to succeed. And surrendering to the earth support while keeping your skeletal height is one way to activate that guidance.

Learn to approach your Warrior 1 as the integrated yogi that you can be and notice your practice and your life change for the better. This ability to surrender is natural for everyone although it may be covered up by unconscious habits of body and mind. Reclaiming this ability is the foundation for optimal safety and performance through any daily activity, especially your yoga practice. If you want more of this for 2018, sign up for my mini-class this Saturday by clicking on the link below.

Make a point to explore, discover and unlearn such habits!

In the meantime, here are a few tips I use myself:

1) Start by making a list of what you accomplished or enjoyed experiencing in the last year no matter how small it seems to you. Be grateful for these experiences, they are the platform from which you get added stimulus for your actions now and tomorrow.

2) Then Make a list of things you want to see happen in the future with no dates for them. Extract those that are reasonably reachable within the next year and prioritize them into two lists: one for the first 6 months of the year and the others for the second half.

3) When listing what you want to see happen in the future, you can dream big. Tell the universe what you are after. When you reduce the list to reachable goals,  remember that bite-size goals make for best results.

4) Last but not least, work on functioning as the integrated self that you are by learning how to activate the guidance of your whole-body intelligence to get support 24/7 to carry out your thoughts into actions.This is the best way to optimal safety and best performance.

Don’t wait next year to explore this.
Get ahead of the game this time and click on the link below to join me tomorrow at 3 EST!

Saturday, December 30, 2017, Mini Video CLass!
https://offthematyoga.lpages.co/free-live-interactive-webinar-04/My blogs plant seeds, the free class gives you an experience of what I am talking about!

Yoga is awesome but your yoga practice can benefit greatly from increased awareness of underlying daily habits which are the source of much of your returning tension. They are also what feeds your conscious harmful habits such as poor posture or excess tension off the mat. When you have less tension to deal with, you can access the deepest benefits of yoga! 

Take an hour out of your day and be inspired by tips that can make a noticeable difference right there and then during the mini-class itself!

You will not regret it!:)

Cecile Raynor has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 25 years out of which came her B.I.A. Process to assist yogis in enhancing their practice bypassing the intellect. She is also a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and a Reiki Practitioner. Faculty at Akasha Yoga Teacher Training, she runs a 12 months Mastermind for Yoga Teachers with a Vision, and a 90 Day Virtual Program for trainees, new teachers and committed yoga practitioners interested in using their body more efficiently on and off the mat in a way not taught in regular training courses. She is currently writing a book on her personal and professional experience. THE WISE WAY TO YOGA is to be published soon! To be followed!

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