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Several events are listed below for those local to Boston where I will present The Wise Way to Yoga and demonstrate it on volunteers in a free mini-workshop. There will be a time for Q & A and book signing. When you sign up below, you could win one copy of this first 205 pages edition illustrated by the author. Remember to specify what you are signing up for. Thanks!

June 2, 2018: AKASHA Yoga Studio Noon to 2pm in Roslindale Square Jamaica Plain MA
June 16, 2018: Unity Church Longwood Noon to 2pm in Brookline MA
June 23, 2018: Floating Lotus from 1 to 3pm Gloucester MA
June 30, 2018: SOWA Boston @ Dahlia Gallery from 5 to 7pm in Boston MA

In the meantime, below, you will find:

  • The Testimonials from the back of the book
  • An excerpt from “The Manifesto of the Wise Yogi” and a magazine article about it!


 “The depth and uniqueness of Cécile’s experience make her a compelling voice and viewpoint in the world of yoga asana. Any yoga teacher trainee who gets to experience the breadth of her insight, wisdom, and postural understanding will be well-served in their career as a successful, evolving, present, and sensitive yoga teacher and human being.” Rev. Anthe A. Kelley – M.A., Eastern Classics, ERYT, Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Founder/Training Director Akasha Yoga School

“Cecile’s book is full of knowledge and wisdom. We are asked key questions to help us realize how we may misuse our body both in our practice and in our daily life. It reads both like a novel and a workbook and offers beautiful exercises to help us make profound changes. It is extremely valuable to anyone who wants to experience the joy of being embodied with ease on and off the mat. I highly recommend it!” Mona Kelley – Yoga Teacher, Pilates instructor

“While reading this book, I experienced a profound shift in my body awareness which opened the door to deeper healing. It has completely changed the way I experience movement and daily life. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in any kind of restorative healing practice!” Lauren Almquist – Yoga Practitioner, Dancer, and Herbalist

“Great for yogis, dancers, and anyone who wants to feel better in their skin. This is SO needed in the yoga world! Thanks, Cécile for your beautiful work!” Relinde Moore – Yoga teacher, Dancer, and Choreographer

The yoga community is waiting for what it does not know it’s lacking and this book shows us the way!” Kathleen Flanagan – Yoga Practitioner and Educational Researcher



Wise Yogis are a new brand of yogi
They know that Strain is only Delayed Pain.
They have outgrown the No Pain-No Gain paradigm.
They Don’t Disregard their Body Guidance to Follow Instructions.
They use Common Sense, Discernment and their Whole-Body Guidance in their practice.
They know how to Gain Maximum Benefits from their practice without Pain or Strain.

Wise Yogis challenge their Body as a Whole for Best Performance.
Wise Yogis cooperate with their Whole-Body Intelligence for Optimal Safety.
Wise Yogis set themselves Up for Success by avoiding comparison with other yogis.


Wise Yogis come to realize that their highest potential in each moment is only a Thought away!

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PS: Here is an article that gives you a taste of the Manifesto content!:)