Mission Statement

I believe in the efficiency and power of our innate whole-body intelligence. It allows our mind body and soul to work effortlessly in togetherness. Within what we were born with, it allows us to age as gracefully and healthily as possible.

As a teacher, I choose to work on myself and with others using this organic process as we explore each individual parameters. As a result, my students always get the best out of their yoga and out of life all the while preventing injuries on and off the yoga mat.

I invite all yogis to join the Movement of The Wise Yogi for which I have a written Manifesto. It is the outcome of using the process from my book The Wise Way to Yoga.  Together, we can create a world where yogis of all sizes, shapes, skin color or fitness level can enjoy themselves on their yoga mat strain-free and with self-confidence and gratitude regardless of the yoga style they enjoy.

Together, let’s choose win/win scenarios. Let’s create a better world based on acceptance of differences as we enjoy a balanced way of life for more peace on earth!

To get the Manifesto of the Wise Yogi, go to The Wise Way to Yoga page on this blog site and simply ask for it!:)


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