What You Need To Know About:
The B.I.A. Process & The Alexander Technique
For Optimal Safety & Highest Performance
On & Off The Mat!

The Alexander Technique is the mind/body training that addresses the mind/body foundation of all movements. Therefore, you can improve your yoga practice and teaching skills with a perspective outside of yoga that is still applicable to yoga. The B.I.A Process is an extension of the Alexander Technique based on the yogic practice of Surrender.

 Just like you need to know how to walk before you can run, learning about the foundation of movement first automatically improves the foundation of your yoga. It also improves how you use your mind/body self in daily life in a very organic way.

Taught at Kripalu to yoga teachers and students, the Alexander Technique is the best-kept secret of famous actors and Olympic athletes who swear by it for helping them reach their highest potential in a smooth organic fashion. It can help you better perceive and release tension and discover common daily habits that limit motion range or cause injury on and off the mat. If you are a teacher, empower yourself to help your students unravel those same habits that interfere with practicing their best yoga.

Mission Statement

I believe in the efficiency and power of our innate body wisdom, which allows our mind body and soul to work effortlessly in togetherness so that, given what we were born with, we can age as gracefully and healthily as possible.

As a teacher, I choose to work on others and myself with this organic process so I can help my students to get the best out of their yoga and out of life while preventing injuries on and off the yoga mat. As a result, I invite you to join me in creating a world where yogis of all sizes, shapes and skin color can enjoy themselves on their yoga mat in a strain-free body and with self-confidence and gratitude.

It is my hope that together we can create a better world based on acceptance of differences as we enjoy a balanced way of life for more peace on earth!



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