The Alexander Technique is the best-kept secret of Olympic athletes and famous performers. They swear by it because it helps them reach their highest performance with optimal safety.

People of all sorts of background come to this work because it helps them reduce or eliminate excess tension, discomfort or pain and it improves their posture in a natural way, without any need to position their body parts as it is commonly done.

As a result, they experience an increase in their well-being both in their body and mind. They experience ease of movement, improved posture, more confidence and an increased ease at handling the stress of daily life.

The BIA Process™ is Cecile’s Raynor expression of the Alexander Technique developed over 25 years and enhanced by her experience with exercise, yoga, dance, meditation, artwork, and life itself!

Cecile teaches the BIA Process™ as a faculty member in a Yoga Teacher Training course and her personal and professional journey with it is the content of her recently published book The Wise Way to Yoga.