Cécile has been teaching as a faculty member of a yoga training course. It led her to create an online course that has been enjoyed and beneficial for many yoga teachers, trainees, and committed practitioners. It is called:  The Body Intelligence Activation Program, a 90 Day Interactive Online Course.

The depth and uniqueness of Cécile’s experience make her a compelling voice and viewpoint in the world of yoga asana. Any yoga teacher trainee who gets to experience the breadth of her insight, wisdom, and postural understanding will be well-served in their career as a successful, evolving, present, and sensitive yoga teacher and human being.” Rev. Anthe A. Kelley – M.A., Eastern Classics, ERYT, Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Founder/Training Director Akasha Yoga School

The next session will start in January 2019, DBA. If you have an interest in this course, send your contact info in the form below, specifying your interest and you will be able to schedule a free call with Cecile to assess if you like what this course is about and if you are a good fit for the program!

Cecile is very skilled at what she does & an amazing teacher. I have had so many insights due to her three-month program. Great for yogis, dancers and anyone who wants to feel better in their skin. This is so needed in the yoga world! Thanks, Cecile for your beautiful work!” Relinde Moors Yoga Instructor, Dancer & Choreographer

This 5-Step Process is a unique perspective on movement and stillness, which takes the concept of Body Smart to a higher level. Thanks to this cutting-edge outlook, yogis of all level can develop strength and flexibility without any straining involved regardless of their yoga style, body type or fitness level. They develop “flexible strength” as one skill and the benefits of their practice show up both on the mat and in daily life.

Cecile is the real deal. Working with her has transformed my Yoga Practice, a practice I can honestly say feels empowering, grounding and tension-free. It is positively impacting my posture and movement in my daily life too. Introducing me to her foundational skill, Cécile taught me that “no pain no gain” is really a myth and that the more I trust my body to activate the right muscles at the right time, the more powerful my practice gets.” Mona Kelly Yoga teacher, Pilates Instructor

Any yoga teacher, teacher trainee or yoga lover with questions about my work can attend my next Free Interactive Masterclass (DBA)leading you through experiential learning which gives you an understanding and a taste of the great benefits you can gain from attending the course.