“As a yoga teacher, I have relished the “back to basics” movement awareness that Cecile brings through her expertise as an experienced Alexander technique instructor. This learning to “undo” our habituated patterns of movement and posture are invaluable to all yogis, and can only lead us towards greater fluidity of movement/spirit!  As an evolving human being (aka work in progress ), I strongly recommend Cecile’s work.”
Ed Stern, Experienced Yoga Teacher (30 years experience) – Newton, MA

“It was exciting to experience your skill in allowing “adjustments” to be made by tapping into innate postural alignment, as you were applying your awareness of many years of Alexander Technique, to yoga. It is true that the tension patterns we have in our daily life come onto the yoga mat with us. Our job is to notice, become aware, and let go of these habits. Unfortunately, it is often the case that people perpetuate certain areas of tension instead of releasing. Your skill in bringing awareness to this, and working on finding the way to have the least tension in any posture is both appreciated and admirable. Congrats!”
Jovielle Gers, Experienced Yoga Teacher (15 years experience) – Jamaica Plain, MA

“The work I am doing with Cecile is awesome. As a yoga teacher, a dancer and a choreographer, I highly recommend her approach. She can decode any yoga pose or daily movement in a way that feels so much better and integrated. I have noticed a clear change in my practice and in the way students in my class respond to my instructions. This new language which has been a wonderful tool to get more results from them without having to do manual adjustments.”
Chavi Bansal, Yoga teacher, Dancer & Choreographer, Boston, MA

“It was amazing! As a yoga student and a chiropractor, I would recommend Cecile’s workshop to anybody with stress related issues or anyone feeling stiffness in the joints and muscles”
Lana Belyacov, Yoga Practitioner & Chiropractor, Canton, MA

” As a yoga practitioner, I would definitely recommend this workshop. The learning can be used both on and off the mat and am looking forward to integrate it more in depth for maximum benefits”
Debbie Drozda, Yoga Practitioner, Attleboro, MA



“Hari OM! I came across your website on the International Yoga Forum of Linked-in. I congratulate you on expounding highly informative & inspiring knowledge which will benefit all those who practice or teach yoga and physical forms of movement. I have been teaching yoga since 1986 and I recognize the wisdom which you impart, so simply but so profoundly. Hari OM Tat Sat.”
David Lonsdale, (30 years experience)
Holistic Yoga & Shiatsu – Amsterdam, Holland

“Thank you for sharing! This is so very illuminating. As someone who is riddled with some serious back issues at present, and who was trained in PT to engage my “root lock” before I make any movements postpartum, this is very provocative and intriguing.”
Anthe @ Akasha, Jamaica Plain & Roslindale, MA

“Fantastic info and I even showed the video to my 8-year-old daughter…thank you!”
Rita Schwartz, Australia

“Many thanks for your great post and the link to the interview. I am an AT teacher & massage therapist in the UK and sometimes feel to be so much struggling against the tide when all around us are people touting core stability. It’s good to have confirmation of my beliefs so concisely!” Best wishes and please keep up your blog and postings!  Rachel Shaw & John Shields

“So glad you posted this. I ended up watching the video with Peter Sullivan and I now realize that half of my lower back pain is coming from me trying to stand straight and engage my core rather than letting my spine have its natural curve!! I’m nowhere near your classes but will be reading your website and links to bring to my yoga practice your ideas. Thanks” Simon Liddington, Australia

“A lot of AT is what I find in yoga and a lot of yoga is in AT … I find it quite amusing how knowledge unfolds with practice. I do think that AT can help yoga students move faster into the subtler domains instead of getting stuck in the physical form of yoga which in any case does not define form … as oft repeated, yogasana has to be comfortable and relaxed. It is through the disengagement of the external form that one finds the inner form … and the dive deep begins. Compliments from India”.
Vikram Singh Rajavat, India

Love this and the way you do the things you do! I’m relocating to NC and will be setting up another Soul Sanctuary South…and YOU are DEFINITELY SOMEONE WHO I’D LOVE TO BRING IN. You are skilled, unique, in fact, magnificent in your awareness …can’t wait to share more with you.
Anna Dunwell, Experienced Yoga Teacher and
Owner of Soul Sanctuary, Newton MA



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