Cécile Raynor is a Body Intelligence Activation Expert. She coaches yoga teachers, trainees and committed yoga practitioners to gain their best performance with optimal safety whatever their yoga style or body type. As a result, their postural balance improves organically, their excess tension fades away, and their self-confidence increases both on and off the mat.

For the past 25 years, Cécile has taught the Alexander, the best-kept secret of famous performers and Olympic athletes. She is also a Thai Yoga Therapist, a Reiki Practitioner, and taught as Faculty member in a Yoga Teacher Training Program. Based on her professional experience and her personal experience with meditation, dance, and yoga, Cecile created the Body Intelligence Activation Process (BIA Process™). She offers online courses and her Off-The-Mat-Yoga blog has been read in more than 100 different countries. She also presented on local TV and was featured in the Expanded Awareness Show. Her paradigm-shifting approach, teaching the art of surrender as an act of trust and courage, is taking the yoga community by storm.

Currently, Cécile lives and works in Brookline. In her free time, she enjoys creating kinesthetic artwork, walking, hiking, and cooking healthy, tasty meals. She has also maintained a daily meditation practice for the past 30 years and loves traveling for work and pleasure.