Cecile Raynor invites you to live in a world where yogis of all sizes, shapes and skin color can enjoy themselves on their yoga mat in a strain-free body and with self-confidence.

As a “Movement Expert” with about 25 years experience teaching the Alexander Technique, she has been featured on radio and TV. This technique is the best-kept secret of famous performers and Olympic athletes. Since she started applying her skills to yoga practicing and teaching, she has become a faculty member in a yoga teacher-training program at Akasha Yoga School in Boston making an impact at the teaching source. It is her goal to bring her work to other progressive trainings.

When she is not teaching yoga teachers and trainees, she loves to free dance or she puts on her artist apron and enjoys creating “Kinesthetic Artwork”, capturing movement and stillness as seen in dancers and musicians.

Her new blog has already received almost 15 000 views in over 100 different countries after 28 posts. It is definitely striking a sensitive cord in the yoga community. She points out that optimal injury prevention and highest potential performance on and off the mat starts with an expanded awareness of the mind/body foundation of natural movements.

Cécile more recently created 2 E-Courses. One called C.L.E.A.R. for regular yoga practitioners and another called S.M.A.R.T., designed for Committed Yoga Teachers with a Vision. They are both a 5-Step Process with a unique perspective on movement and stillness, which takes the concept of Body Smart to a higher level. Thanks to this cutting edge outlook, yogis of all level can practice strain-free yoga. It also enables teachers to stand out in the increasing number of yoga teachers and is what she calls “a stepping-stone towards a blossoming career!