How Do Your Joints And Muscles Relate For Optimal Flexibility?


Everyone knows the value of flexibility, and stretching has become the # 1 way to gain flexibility. However, do you remain flexible when you stop stretching? Or do you go back to feeling the tension is back to square one?

There is another way to gain flexibility that is more sustainable. And it can be combined with your stretches or used by itself. It has to do with the relationship between your mind, joints, and muscles. It has to do with allowing your whole-body intelligence, once activated, handle your flexibility for you. In essence, it is about discovering an unexplored dimension of how your body functions called the postural mechanism.

It is designed to handle your best coordination, balance, and posture when not interfered with. How to activate this mechanism to improve your body synergy and the efficiency of every move you make is what it is all about. Would you not like to learn this precious skill?

TIP: Try releasing as much as you can while in a challenging pose instead of bracing yourself in it. See what happens! And if the release is not substantial, you are not yet releasing to your highest ability!

I would be happy to tell you more about this kinesthetic experience of lightness and efficiency, and even give you an experience of it when you attend my FREE Mini Class this weekend.

Interested? Sign up by clicking on the following link:

Cecile Raynor has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 25 years out of which came her B.I.A. Process to assist yogis in enhancing their practice bypassing the intellect. She is also a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and a Reiki Practitioner. Faculty at Akasha Yoga Teacher Training, she runs a 12 months Mastermind for Yoga Teachers with a Vision, and a 90 Day Virtual Program for trainees, new teachers and committed yoga practitioners interested in using their body more efficiently on and off the mat in a way not taught in regular training courses. She is currently writing a book on her personal and professional experience to be published this year.

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