If you do not listen to the whispers of your body, it will yell out loud”
Leonardo Da Vinci

Yet, this common scenario is often reversible and preventable!

WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT that exercising or practicing yoga is THE SOLUTION to feeling better.

TRUE YOGA in its full spectrum is a good way to develop some level of body awareness, increased mindfulness, and wellbeing.

MODERN HATHA YOGA & STANDARD EXERCISES as currently taught, are at best A SOLUTION to minimize the discomfort of chronic tension and the limitations of chronic pain.

Nope. Not usually anyway!



If you have a leak in the ceiling of your dining room,
do you plaster the ceiling area where the leak is showing up?
Or do you find out what is going on above the ceiling, most likely in the roof so you can fix the problem once and for all? Sure you would if you could! Right?

STRETCHING OR STRENGTHENING YOUR MUSCLES to address chronic tension or pain is like plastering a leaky ceiling. It can help as long as you do it up to a certain point……

When you feel good in your body, you can jump for joy on a beach!
It is your birthright to do so, whatever that looks like for you!

ALL IS GOOD AND WELL WHEN THERE ARE NO SIGNS that you may be misusing your body one way or the other.

ONCE YOUR BODY STARTS COMPLAINING even though you are a healthy individual it is likely complaining about the way it is handled in daily life. And if you have health challenges, the way you handle your body in daily life can decrease or enhance your tension or pain.

THE ONLINE EVENT BELOW CAN GIVE YOU INSIGHTS AND KINESTHETIC EXPERIENCES to reach these insights. You start to understand MOVEMENT & POSTURE in a way that can change how you approach exercise, meditation, and any daily activity from sitting at a computer to playing an instrument.

PLEASE, JOIN ME and other people globally and let’s explore these things together!

By clicking on the link to access the event page, you will learn more about the event agenda and about why I am so passionate to help you get to your next level of embodiment, starting wherever you are, because I have been there!:)

JOIN US by clicking this link: Freedom From Chronic Tension & Pain

See you in cyberspace soon!:)

Cécile Raynor has been teaching for 30 years, published the Wise Way to Yoga as well as numerous articles, and she was featured several times both on TV and on an “Expanded Awareness” radio show. Her blog has been read by thousands of people in over 100 different countries.
Her work is based on the Alexander Technique, the best-kept secret of Olympic athletes and famous performers. They swear by it because it allows them to perform at their best with optimal safety. Although it is now commonly used by everyone. She also created the Body Intelligence Activation Process™, a mind, body, heart and spirit work that affects her students in all aspects of their life as they experience increased wellbeing.

Cécile has been helping people with poor posture, chronic muscular tension and pain, joints issues and headaches reclaim their ease of movement, their natural good posture, and the joy and peace of mind brought by well-being. She has also been a mentor for many students interested in embodied and integrated personal growth.

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