Natural Good Posture & Osteoporosis


Recently, I read “Practicing good posture can reduce the risk of fracture”.

However, many people have an incomplete idea about what “Good Posture” really means.

The facts are:

  • It is not something you really practice.
  • It is not something you have to think about or position yourself into.
  • And it is not something you can stabilize with regular muscle strengthening exercises alone.

So, what is Natural Good Posture?
And how can it help prevent, delay, or reduce the side-effects of Osteoporosis?

Natural good posture is an expression of a body functioning as the integrated whole that it is designed to be – as we can observe in healthy children and tribal people. They do not need to think about good posture, they just embody it most of the time. And if they slouch during a specific activity, they spring right back into natural good posture when they stand up and start moving – partly because they usually do not sit in the same way for hours on end.

Natural Good Posture in Children

The beauty of “Natural Good Posture” is that:
* You do not need to think about it to be upright
* You do not need to use your muscles to position your skeletal structure just so
* It strengthens both your bones and your postural muscles organically

Like most adults, you may have integrated a habit to slouch into your daily movements. As a result, you believe that to reclaim it when you think about it, you must position your shoulders and chest a certain way. The thing is, how long does it stay in place? The minute you forget about it, your posture probably collapses right back down within minutes if not seconds. Does this sound familiar?

The truth is that most people are so self-conscious about their posture, they spend loads of money on posture-related gadgets. Unfortunately, even the best of the gadgets – those who help people become aware when they are slouching – won’t deliver results without undesirable side-effects when they actually deliver results. Why?

The nudge from the posture gadget triggers a “straightening up” reaction that is not helpful to strengthen your postural muscles at all. What it does is build up excess tension in your back movement muscles which are not designed to support your skeletal structure. This is why they get tired very quickly.

So, to come back to people who are concerned about osteoporosis, developing natural good posture is the best remedy to prevent or reduce the effects associated with this challenge. When enjoying natural good posture, the postural muscles work in cooperation with the skeletal structure and the body function as the integrated whole that it is designed to be. Posture supporting muscles along the spine and the bones of your skeletal structure strengthen organically from carrying your own weight in harmony with gravity.

As commonly acknowledged, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. To that effect, you may want to assess where you stand when it comes to “Integrated Functioning”. I actually created a Free Self-Evaluation to do just that in the privacy of your own home. Don’t hesitate to ask for it.

If you prefer me to help you assess in a more personal way, schedule an appointment by clicking the following link: Free Consult with Cécile

Cécile Raynor has been teaching the Alexander Technique for about 30 years out of which came her Body Intelligence Activation Process™ (B.I.A. Process) to assist anyone use their mind/body the wise way to prevent or clear, chronic tension or pain, of body and mind.

She also works with yogis of all levels interested in using their body more efficiently on and off the mat in a way not taught in regular training courses. A Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and a Reiki Practitioner, Cécile is a faculty at the Akasha Yoga Teacher Training Course and the author of THE WISE WAY TO YOGA which is available on Amazon or from Cécile if you are local to Boston!

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  1. Every time I am aware of my whole body I become aware of my internal alignment between what I think, feel, and say , that influences my goid posture. It comes from within when perceiving my internal coherence.
    Thank you for your contribution and proposal, enlighten my realización.
    Kind regards
    Maria Cristina Collia

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