Today is International Yoga Day and we are supposed to educate people on the benefits of yoga or share our experience. Mind led me to create Wise Yoga to help the many yoga teachers and practitioners who came to see me to help them be free of chronic tension or pain or to help them feel more balanced in a mind/body way.

Beyond “Power Yoga” & “Gentle Yoga, there is a new approach which I call “Wise Yoga”!

It can be applied to any style of yoga to relieve and prevent chronic tension, pain, or injury in a sustainable way as well as deepen a practice.

It also aligns the essence of initial yoga with modern yoga simply by the way practitioners use their bodies in line with their whole-body wisdom.

The WISE YOGA TRIBE was just launched. This community exists for yoga lovers of all levels, and especially those with concerns and questions for themselves or others, as to chronic tension or pain not being resolved by the practice of yoga.

Banner of the FB Group we meet on
till retreats and in-person events resume fully!:)

Would you like to explore or be part of the discussion on how to practice and teach yoga the wise way?

Would you be interested in exploring the wise way to yoga as directed by your whole-body intelligence once activated? A very unique approach to working with your body more fully!

If so, I invite you to join this purpose-driven community to practice more efficiently as a practitioner, to deeply impact more students as a teacher, and, in the process, to contribute as a tribe to the wise evolution of modern yoga.

To join us, click I Want to Join Wise Yoga Tribe

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to me by responding to this post!

Till then, enjoy International Yoga Day!

Cécile 🙂

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