The Yoga of Vacationing!


While on Cape Cod for a week vacation, I have been observing what it means for me, as a yogi, to vacation. And that is what I am sharing below hoping the spirit of my vacation can spill over your day!:)

First, it reminds me to take my time to do whatever I do without multitasking, a great skill with its downside. So I focus on eating only when I eat and I take the time to savor a cup of tea at the end of my healthy tasty meal without moving to the next thing with my cup in hand.

Second, it also reminds me that deep mindfulness can include every movement. When I was swimming, I was aware when I was breathing in, and when I was breathing out. I experienced my body moving through the water as I allowed my arms and legs to do their thing. I was doing laps but I was not competing. I was enjoying the poetry of swimming instead. While on my back, I felt like my arms were wings and I was a bird flying through the water effortlessly!

Last but not least, I realized that the spirit I associate with vacationing includes a depth of mindfulness the spirit of I want to keep in my daily life. I realized that I don’t need to be on vacation to chose not to rush. I can smell the roses even more than I already do.

I also realized that on or off the mat, on or off vacation time, it is always about standing in awareness as I go through life and its organic momentum. And that is what I want to focus on, today and every day when I am back home!


Cecile Raynor has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 25 years out of which came her Body Intelligence Activation Process™ (B.I.A. Process) to assist yogis in enhancing their practice towards best performance with optimal safety. She is also a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and a Reiki Practitioner. Faculty at Akasha Yoga Teacher Training, she runs a 12 months Mastermind for Yoga Teachers with a Vision, and a 90 Day Live Online Program for trainees, new teachers and committed yoga practitioners interested in using their body more efficiently on and off the mat in a way not taught in regular training courses. She is also the author of a June 2018 publication called THE WISE WAY TO YOGA which is available on Amazon or from Cecile if you are local to Boston!

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