What’s Body Synergy Awareness? The Key to Heal or Avoid Injury!



This is a common self-reinforcing synergy in our modern world.
If your yoga practice is not affecting such habit organically, then you are missing a dimension!

Do you know what your own body synergy is? Do you know it can affect you on all levels of functioning from physical to mental and emotional?  Do you ever investigate why you use your body the way you do? Or do you tend to focus on the end result, like poor posture, and you try to correct it muscularly whether on or off the mat? How is that working for you? Is it changing your synergy off the mat?

Do you know that your posture is the result of how you use the rest of your body all the way to your feet? That is why forcing the shoulders to open up and the body to align according to a pre-conceived idea of “good posture” does not really work for very long, sometimes seconds only. Mostly you go from straightening up to slouching right back throughout the day. Sounds familiar? The thing is that “good posture” is not something to remember to do nor something to hold on to. It is designed to happen organically like when you were children.

Whether playing on the beach or running down a hill,
children display perfect postural alignment without thinking about it.
This is organic good posture display!

Muscular correcting of the body is fighting against the innate intelligence of your whole body. That is why it does not stick with you. The synergy of your whole body automatically brings back your habitual way to use yourself as a whole as it was doing for me in the story below. With a more organic functioning synergy, not only you now have a chance to fully heal chronic tension or left over injuries, you can also prevent  injuries whether on or off the mat and whether you are into hot power yoga or gentle yoga.

To assist people who need help, I designed a process so you can activate your Whole-Body Intelligence in a snap. It is based on over 25 years of practicing and teaching the Alexander Technique, the best kept secret of famous performers and Olympic athletes. And here below is a true story that happened to me and illustrates, in a concrete way, the amazing power of our Whole-Body Intelligence who succeeded where both traditional and holistic practitioners failed.



 I used this process to deal with a pronounced head and hip imbalance doubled with a back nerve pain that could have easily left me crippled. I had started spending more time at the computer on account of blogging and book writing. As a result, I had been in my head instead of staying present to my whole body. One morning, I got up and saw my head was stuck to the left and my right hip stuck off to the right.  Besides, I could not do yoga or even stretch without triggering the nerve pain in my lower back. I was in shock especially considering I help others avoid this type of problems.

Usually I try to figure things out for myself but out of sheer panic, I searched outside of myself for help, going to several alternative practitioners in the hope they could fix what was wrong with me. Six months and two thousands dollars later, it had not yielded any visible results even though going to chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists felt nice at the time.

Since nothing was yielding sustainable results, I took things back into my own hands. So upon coming home from my last visit, I asked myself what I would recommend a student of mine to do in such a situation and I heard my own voice answering “Watch yourself like a Hawk and Activate your Body Intelligence!”. I was back where I ought to have started, trusting my whole-body wisdom and my process to heal myself.


I followed my own advice, got encouraging results in 48 hours and within a month with no stretching and no outside help I was completely healed. I was not only totally realigned properly but my back nerve pain was gone and the problem never returned.

Of course, watching myself like a hawk I noticed quite a few things I was currently doing especially relating to screen time that promoted the problem and I also figured out how the habit had been created when I had young children. It had survived in a subtle form for a couple decades most likely helped by the nature of my work. Nonetheless, choosing not to do the habit and constantly activating my body intelligence took care of it all, old and new habit!

What if you could discover your own unconscious habits and learn how to unlearn them so they stop wrecking your body unknowingly on or off the mat?

Join my blog site, attend my online or local events and learn about the Body Intelligence Activation Process. You won’t regret it!

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Cecile Raynor has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 25 years out of which came her B.I.A. Process to assist yogis enhance their practice bypassing the intellect. She is also a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and a Reiki Practitioner. Faculty at Akasha Yoga Teacher Training, she runs a 12 months Mastermind for Yoga Teachers with a Vision, and a 90 Day Virtual Program for trainees, new teachers and committed yoga practitioners interested in using their body better on and off the mat. Her blog read by over 20 000 people and her webinars have an international audience. She is currently writing her book on “The Yoga of the Future and the B.I.A. Process: the Missing Link to Drop the Strain and Keep the Gain.” with BlissLife Press, San Diego California.

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  1. I always look forward to your posts, Cecile. Superb once again and I love the image of watching yourself like a hawk. Obsevation is the foundation upon which FM Alexander developed his process for change and your image is endowed with all the right qualities – it’s natural, free and swift. My name’s Robin, a small chubby little bird, but being a hawk sometimes sounds like more fun 🙂

    • Thanks Rob for your feedback. And yes, the hawk keeps coming back for me in different ways and it serves me well because he does not miss a detail and yet he always can see the big picture. I identify with him quite well!:)

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