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1) Integrated Motion for Mind/Body Flow: Understand your body, overcome your limiting habits.
As you enjoy learning from Cecile’s hands and verbal guidance and from each other, discover and explore, refresh and deepen your understanding of the Alexander Technique, an approach to sustainable good posture and ease of movement. Appropriate for everyone. Application for daily movements mainly. No yoga experience required.

2) Strain-free yoga for flexible strength:Get the best out of your yoga and prevent injuries.
Appropriate for yoga lovers of all levels. Enhance your yoga practice to another level. Discover a way to think your movements that allows body-wisdom to guide you on demand to your sweet balance spot. No more straining yourself into poses! I will guide you through poses and give you an experience of integrated yoga you will surely enjoy and learn to do for yourself as well!

3) Stretch & Balance for Everyone: Unique, Practical & Fun.
This class is for anyone who knows they can use more stretching and balancing in their body exercise routine. Based on the Alexander Technique, this class bring you more than stretching and balancing, it offers you a skill you can use in your every day life for increased sustainable good posture and ease of movement. A student described it as “unique, practical and fun”.

Do you already do yoga?
–  You love it but you want tools to safely expand your comfort zone
–  You give it your best but you are not really progressing
–  You are new to yoga and you find yourself straining into poses
–  You find it difficult to follow the teacher’s instructions
–  Or you may be aching after classes instead of feeling better?

Do you love yoga but have been staying away from the mat?
–  Maybe you have suffered an injury
–  Or you don’t think your body type is really fit to do yoga poses
–  Or else you’ve never tried it because you find it intimidating

Are you a Yoga teacher?
– You would like to reduce the risk of injury for yourself and the students in your classes
– Despite your efforts and training, some students still misinterpret your instructions
and you are not sure how to get through to them
– You would like some tools to guide them more effectively

If you identified with any of these challenges, you may want to consider exploring Off-The-Mat Yoga with Cecile.
She offers classes appropriate for each of your needs.

1-   Support you as you start yoga
2-   Prepare you better if you are coming back to yoga
3-   Give you holistic tools for success with your yoga practice
4-   Assist you in discovering sustainable good posture
5-   Enhance your mind-body awareness for ease of movements
6-   Bring you the key to experiencing quality movements
7-   Reduce the risk of injuries on-and-off the mat
8-   Help you realize everyone can benefit from yoga

With the right tools under your belt, you can enjoy the challenges and benefits of yoga.
You also find the benefits of yoga spreading outside the yoga mat into all aspect of your life.
This is what Off-The-Mat Yoga is all about, expanding your yoga practice
in line with your innate body wisdom on-and-off the yoga mat!

1-   Small group classes
2-   Verbal and hands-on guidance
3-   Personalized experience
4-   Key Concepts for improving posture on-and-off the yoga mat
5-   Key Concepts for improving quality of movements as well
6-   New language to approach movements in a holistic way
7-   Practice through daily movements and yoga poses
8-   Assess the healthy limits of each movement with inner guide
9-   Mindful stretching, strengthening, balancing and relaxing
10- Understanding the nature of Postural Reflexe
11-  Experiencing how to activate Postural Reflexes on demand
12- Expanded awareness of mind-body relationship
13- Developing Trust in innate wisdom
14- Growing sense of Empowerment
15- Developing mindfulness thru movement
16- Increasing integrated motion on and off the yoga mat
17- Developing holistic vision for increased quality of life
–  Thinking Movements into fluidity
– Quality of daily movements carried over to yoga mat
– Strength, flexibility & peace of yoga carried over to daily activities


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