1- You are a yoga teacher
– You would like to reduce the risk of injury for yourself and the students in your classes
– Despite your efforts and training, some students still misinterpret your instructions
and you are not sure how to get through to them
– You would like some tools to guide them more effectively

2- You are a yoga practitioner
–  You love it but you want tools to safely expand your growing edge
– All the yoga you do does not improve your posture off-the-mat
– You still feel strain in your neck, shoulders, back or joints between yoga classes.
–  You give it your best but you are not really progressing
–  You are new to yoga and you find yourself straining into poses
–  You find it difficult to follow the teacher’s instructions
–  Or you may be aching after classes instead of feeling better?

3- You love yoga but have been staying away from the mat?
–  Maybe you have suffered an injury
–  Or you don’t think your body type is really fit to do yoga poses
–  Or else you’ve never tried it because you find it intimidating

If you identified with any of these challenges, you may want to consider exploring Off-The-Mat Yoga with Cecile.
She offers workshops and classes appropriate for each of your needs.



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