Hi, my name is Cecile and I am a “Mind/Body Movement Expert” based on over 25 years experience teaching a mind/body modality called the Alexander Technique, the best kept secret of famous performers and Olympic Athletes. It helps them reach their highest potential without overdoing. Along the way, I created the Body Intelligence Activation Process (or B.I.A. Process) which is both my expression and an expansion of the Alexander Technique, enriched by my personal and professional experience with Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Asanas Practice.  The B.I.A. Process helps you activate your innate “Whole-Body” Intelligence quickly, easily and safely bypassing your overactive “Monkey Mind” whether you are on or off the mat.

The yogic practice of surrender is key to the B.I.A. Process. Your whole-body intelligence knows better than your educated mind what is right for you in every moment. When you learn to activate it and trust it, you function at your best in that moment. And if you want the highest level of safety and efficiency on your yoga mat to be sustained, you must be willing to discover the “unconscious habits” you bring from daily life to the mat unknowingly.


You can benefit from your whole-body intelligence when you activate your postural mechanism designed to maintain your posture, balance and fluidity of movement effortlessly as long as excess tension does not interfere with the natural process.

To guide you in this journey,  I actually use my combined experience and skills as a certified Alexander Technique Teacher, a certified Thai Yoga Therapist, a Kryia Yoga Initiate and a Meditator. While teaching, I use both my verbal and hands-on skills developed over 2 decades. I can guide you into a pose in a unique language combined with a very skilled touch that affects you from head to toes at once no matter where my hands are placed on your body. I also teach online as a lot of this work has to do with a change in perspective that can be taught without hands-on as well.

This technique also improves the quality of your life as it gives you 
an ability to respond to life’s challenges rather than react to them. 
It helps you discover that you always have choices on the mat and in life.

Thai Yoga Therapy is a healing modality created by the physician of the Buddha which is also called “Lazy Yoga” because the practitioner does all the work. This work focuses on activating the energy lines all over the body to strengthen your immune system. It also releases tension from muscles and joints, improves circulation and balances your nervous system and energy.

My work also includes the benefit of my 30 years of Meditation which started when I volunteered to help translate into French the work of Vietnamese Monk and Nobel Peace Prize Thich Nhat Hanh. The first book I ever read from him is called “The Miracle of Mindfulness”. It is my mission to bring you this miracle of mindfulness during every class. For the past 10 years, I have also been a Yogananda devotee. I have learned  about Yoga at a very deep level aiming for Self-Realization! Hence my initiation in a very sophisticated type of Kryia Yoga which of course informs my teaching.

Where I work
Although I live and work in Brookline, I also teach in Jamaica Plain and Roslindale when working @ AKASHA YOGA STUDIO. I have offered workshops in other yoga studios such as OPEN DOORS ( Westwood). I have worked in Cambridge as well when assisting in an Alexander Technique Training course and in Boston when assisting at the Boston Conservatory of Music where I have been presenting the benefits of postural reflexes activation for efficient movement and efficient performance. I have taught at Lesley University and am currently offering an “Alexander Technique  Introduction” and a “Safe Stretch Class for Everyone” (that is Alexander based) through the Brookline Adult Education.

Look for specific info on my website!


As for my own experience with yoga, there used to be a time, when going to a yoga class, I was rather clueless.  All I can remember from these days is the teacher saying, “Relax this” and “Relax that” and I did not really know how to do so. How frustrating that was! Not to mention I was just as clueless as to how to approach most of the yoga poses. Now, I can even go to Baptiste Yoga and enjoy it despite not having a typical “yoga body” because I know how to activate my postural reflexes and I enter my own personal journey on the yoga mat. I modify poses when necessary just by listening to my body guiding me every time I activate those reflexes. Even in a class with yoga practitioners who can do things my body will never do, I can keep challenging myself instead of shying away from challenges from fear of getting hurt. However, I feel great because I know how to do only what is appropriate for my body type in each moment and I don’t worry about hurting myself.   I have become aware through years of teaching that a thin and young body is no real prevention from getting injured.

I have also enjoyed Kripalu Yoga, known to be gentle and meditative along  with Baptiste Yoga to challenge myself further even though I am no boot camp fan. I do like the stretching and the sweating part to get toxins out of my system and also I like to challenge myself in movements I don’t do every day. Because my body is not your typical yoga class slender body, I had to overcome lots before I took up yoga. In fact, I started to learn about body movement and poise by becoming an Alexander Technique teacher and then I inched my way into yoga by becoming a Thai Yoga Therapist. Finally, I just went for it and by then I did not have to worry about hurting myself or embarrassing myself if I could not do a specific pose because I knew how to activate my postural reflexes. Also I knew that  I needed the yoga teacher to learn the form, yet I did not have to depend on her to teach me how to use my body to execute the form, and in a crowded class, it is a plus. Postural activation is your best friend everywhere you use your body!

Do you want to start yoga or expand your existing practice? Do you want to enjoy quality of movements and improved posture beyond what yoga can teach you? Or would you like to reduce the risk of injury On-and-Off the mat? Follow this blog and sign up to my classes or workshops.


I was born in Paris, France and have been living in the US for a few decades now. I currently live in Brookline Mass where I work also as an Artist doing what I call Kinesthetic Artwork, portraying dancers, musicians and yoga practitioners in action. I capture the movement and the feeling behind the movement. I practice my work with postural balance and coordination as a holistic expression of who we are. I love teaching about Postural Reflexes as a way to help you go beyond your intellect into trusting your Innate Body Wisdom . This way, you can experience effortless postural balance, integrated motion, or in other words movements that are fluid, light and connected to all that you are! Check my first blog part 2 for more details on these reflexes.

I am also learning about Primitive Reflexes which are the foundation for the postural reflexes. Understanding the function and proper development of these reflexes is quite important as it can have a profound impact in our adult life starting with our school days and performance in school. If not detected, it can affect all aspects of our life into adulthood as well. It is especially crucial for women with young children to know about this as it can help them spot and remedy something in their children before it turns into a problem by the time they go to school. More about that later in a blog.


At the present time,  for more information about the Alexander Technique and Thai Yoga, go to http://www.AlexanderTec.com. For more info about my Kinesthetic Artwork, go to http://www.StudioCecile.com. You can also check http://www.facebook.com/CecileRaynorAlexanderTechniqueThaiYoga. Please feel free to call me for info about workshops, classes or private sessions at 617 359 7841


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  1. Cecile, Awesome simply Awesome write-up on your website.

    Glad to see your mastermind bloom!

    Deborah Kruse, Sierra Foothills of California.

    Ps We met at THE GIFT last June. I will be in Las Vegas with Jay Fiset in December 2-6. Hope to see you there.

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